Inspired by the Maker's movement, we are enabling start-ups to access digital expertise and seed funding, so that they can grow their business and build something impressive to raise money on a larger scale.

We have a three phase approach to empower Entrepreneurs to bring new products / services to market and build their business. 

We provide seed funding, and mentorship, to help you move faster and scale bigger, and have an excellent network of Angels and VC's for subsequent funding on a rolling close basis. 

Twice a year we invest a small amount of money (£100k to £500k) in selected startups, in return for a small amount of equity, and we have a network of Family Offices and Private Equity Houses for follow on funding.  

Our goal is to get you through the next phase, and help you get to the position to raise money on a larger scale.  As we are a small group we can make decisions quickly and back you with cash.

Our focus is on start-ups focussed on innovation at the intersection of digital and physical propositions, and disrupting business models.

FashionTech, FinTech and Film.